Well, the hard drive seems to work just fine. Or rather, It seems like it would work just fine if my computer would turn ON when I push the power button. Yes, it’s plugged in. I’m not THAT stupid. Yes, I’ve checked the connections to the motherboard. Get this: the thing only turns on when I yank all of the light and switch cords out of the motherboard connections at once. So now I’m thinking this new problem may be my power supply. It was a frustrating night.
It rained a few days ago, and I left my lights on for seven hours while at work. I got out there, turned the key, and there was nothing. I was like “Shheeeeiiit. I’ve pulled a Megan.” (Megan has no dingy dingy sound to tell her that her lights are on, so she leaves them on sometimes). John came and rescued me, then I got lost driving around on the loop to charge my battery. ::sigh:: That was a frustrating night too.
The Pixietails I ordered finally came in, so I had a fun night playing with my computer and screaming at it, then going and brushing scary tangles out of the tails of these things. I’d post pictures, but my computer doesn’t turn on. Heh. 🙂 Yeah, so that brings my total PixieTail count to 34, of which I’m much amused. I think I’ll put these things on my wishlist for Christmas. I also have a few other things to edit on that thing anyway.
I also have to go talk to a financial aid person up at the school, because FAFSA doesn’t allow you to say you’re an independent until you’re 24 (I’m 23), so I can’t get any money to go back to school without giving them my parent’s tax stuff, and the lawyer has it. ::sigh:: Grrrr….