‘I got my first shipment of Pixietails in two days ago. There are nine total, with the one I got today. I’m really enjoying being quite girly over these things. I’m not sure why I want them so badly, but I do. I also usually hate being girly over anything, but these are somehow different. I spent three hours brushing the terrible tangles out of the tails of each of these things, then another 30 minutes putting shampoo in the tails and wrapping them around pens. ::shrug:: It works. When the shampoo dries, it holds the tails in the curl I want them in, perfectly.

Well, with my non working computer at home, everything seems so far away. It’s an odd feeling. I feel so cut-off from everyone. All of the people I talk to on a regular basis aren’t there anymore, because the computer doesn’t work. I can’t check my e-mail, there’s no AIM.. it’s as if, when I go home, I’m entirely alone for the rest of the night, unless someone calls, or visits, or I go somewhere. Before, I had everyone on e-mail and AIM, so I wasn’t quite all by myself. I even turned it off to save on power, so the apartment is un-naturally quiet. I have to keep the radio or the AC on or I’ll go mad. I’ve been trying to stay in the apartment, for my kitties, but it’s so hard to just sit and do nothing.