John and I went to see ‘How to Train your Dragon’ today. This movie is holy-crap-stunning. I was honestly expecting it to be a little campy, a little fun, pretty enjoyable. What I got was a thoroughly engrossing emotionally mature piece that just made me want to cheer in many places and cry in a few others.

I was astounded by how right the flight work is and how beautiful the entire world is. Everything was stunning to look at, crisp and clean and yet very real. The characters are totally believable and engrossing, the plot is well done and well scripted.

I totally adored this movie, I wanted to drag us right back into the theater to see it again when it let out. We will certainly be buying this on DVD when it comes out, and if I could watch it two places at the same time, I’d it twice, that’s how much I loved this movie.