One year after one of the most devastating attacks on America, we remember those who perished on the planes, in the buildings, or in the rubble as the towers came down. Where were you when you first heard about this? What had happened?
I was in my car. I’d just left John’s place for work at Petland, and I switched on the radio to hear “… and second towers are smoking. Repeat, the World Trade Center Twin Towers have been hit by two separate passenger planes. The first and seconds towers are smoking.” As I drove the 15 minutes to work, my first thought was that it was a joke. I didn’t believe it at first. I changed radio stations. “… has been confirmed. Both World Trade Center towers have been hit by a plane..” again, I changed it.. “… towers are on fire, people screaming. I’m looking out my window and all I see is smoke and ash.” Right as I turned into the parking lot, the second tower collapsed. They’d had this guy on the phone for about 20 minutes, in his apartment 8 blocks away. He was talking about the towers: “.. and I’m standing here on the balcony of my apartment, looking at the smoke spreading quickly through downtown and -” here he breaks off abruptly and says “My god… all those people..” the DJ’s for the radio station are all like “What? Mike, you there?”. After a long pause, the guy on the phone says “The south tower just collapsed. It’s gone. All those firefighters that went in are gone.” I go in to work, and the radio there is broadcasting that same guy as well. Half an hour later, the store hushes as the guy pauses again, then says “My God. They’re both gone. Both towers have gone down.”
This will go in my head as one of those time where I can clearly recall where I was when said thing happened. This is added to the day the Challenger exploded, the day Regan was shot, and the day the Exxon oil spill happened. I was in school each time, but the Challenger is the most clear, because it was televised to everyone, since the Teacher in Space program had aired everything.

Where were you?