Still sick, but getting better. My fever’s gone today and I even managed to sleep last night! I woke up once at about 5am with a clogged nose, but a snork of Afrin cleared me up again. Today’s the last day I can use it though. Thanks to Kleef and S, I now know that it’s addictive. Who would have ever thought of anyone being addicted to nose sprays? Anyway, after 3 days of waking up every 20 minutes, I finally managed to sleep until noon today. Those three days were also crappy for me because I love to eat. You know how everything tastes funny when you’re sick? That just kills me, so I avoid eating anything but the blandest of foods. After three days of oatmeal, I decided to try something I usually adore: corn dogs. I love corn dogs. I cooked them up and took a bit.. oh, it was rapturous. It was so good, I nearly cried. It was practically orgasmic. I ate way too much, but it was too good to stop.