Well, I got bored on Saturday and decided to go ahead and format the drive, clean up the registry. I was hoping to get OpenCanvas working, and I did. I’ll just leave it up all the time now, and turn back the date on the clock when the time is up. 🙂 Easy. Anyway, I got back to work on the Summer and Winter one I’d spoken of earlier, but I had a good idea for spring that wouldn’t look as good with another person in the picture with her. I opted to throw out the old Summer and Winter and redo them all in separate pictures. I put the old Summer and Winter greyscale into the greyscale section of the galleries, as well as the pre-color line drawings for Tech Elf and the Bridge picture. I’m also working on a large collage of the past few drawings in case anyone wants a poster. Larry mentioned it to me, and I thought it was a good idea.