I’m crampy, a bit tired and my mind is on drawings, but I feel better than I have in the past few days or so. I was up until 5am last night drawing and coloring the one for Larry. I woke at 10am. By all accounts, I should be miserable right now. I hurt, I should be tired and hungry and just ready to go home, but.. I’m not. I’m having a great day despite the cramps and lack of sleep. I got up this morning and took a few stuffed animals I had as a kid to the local children’s wing of the hospital here. I almost had security called on me. I guess they thought I was the type of person to put bombs in bunnies. I’ve paid my bills except for my cable bill because Charter blows and has no online pay option. I also got offered that daycare job, as I figured I would. They’re so understaffed it’s not funny. I’ll bet she didn’t even read my application. I still have to discuss the pay with her, so I don’t know if I’ll accept the job yet. ::shrug:: I shouldn’t even be awake right now, much less in good spirits, but I am. It’s rather nice, actually. I know I’ll go home tonight and work on the drawing some more instead of doing the dishes like I should, but that’s somehow okay because if I didn’t the dishes right now I’d just make myself sick. Moving around a lot + cramps = bad idea.