So, the Stump hasn’t been acting like her normal self as of late. She’s got a runny nose, a lot of drool and terrible breath and she hasn’t been eating well. She doesn’t chew her food and she’s not eating enough, but she acts like she’s hungry. So, Dr. Google says that it’s pretty likely she’s got some sort of tooth issues and they’re becoming more and more painful to the point that her gums are actually rejecting her teeth. OMG! So, I’ve been worried.

I spent the past two days in a semi-panic worrying about her. If they were going to find nothing wrong with her teeth, what else was it? What if they find other things wrong with her? What if all of her teeth are falling out of her face, how will she eat? What if her kidneys are failing instead? What if they tell me she’s got a few weeks to live? How would I cope with life without her? What if it costs a ton of money? What if we can’t pay? What if John resents me for costing us so much if we have to pay a ton?

We took her to the vet this morning. She howled at the top of her lungs the whole way there. Like, HOWLED like something was killing her. At one point, she was upside down in the crate, all four paws in the air and panting. Poor girl. So, we get her there and I expect her to tear the vets into ribbons, but the tech grabs her gently by her neck scruff and pretty much did everything she needed to in five minutes. They even shaved her belly to check to see is she’s spayed, something we’ve always wondered (she is). They also checked for a chip, but found none. I was able to see in her mouth during her examination and the vet pointed out several icky teeth.

Sooo.. they took blood for tests, but the working diagnosis is nasty teefs that are infected. We got some antibiotics to give her and an appointment to take her back again to be put under for a cleaning and extraction if needed. They will know more when they get in there. I’m still a liiiitle worried that they’re get the blood back tomorrow and she’ll have FIV or something, but for now I’m more calm.

Stump howling. Imagine this for 30 minutes. Really. I think she howled herself hoarse.