Month five of every ditl down, yay! It was pretty easy this month, a lot going on.

Week 19, Stump goes to the vet:
Week 18, Tennessee Aquarium:
Week 17, Baby and a fairytale
Week 16, Two babies in the studio:

Week 15, Hummingbird watching:
Week 14, Pretty flowers and a smushy baby:
Week 13, Slow day at home:
Week 12, Gorgeous fairytale princess:

Week 11, studio cleaning:
Week 10, not spring yet:
Week 9, wishing for spring:
Week 8, up way too early:

Week 7, macro boredom:
Week 6, snowy DITL:
Week 5, pink babies:

Week 4: Studio Charity Event:
Week 3: Zero Effort:
Week 2: Imaging USA:
Week 1: Painting and studio work: