Okay, so I’m working out. At least, I’m trying to. For someone who has never worked out in her life ever, it’s really really hard, especially with my ‘issues’. I don’t like ‘stuff’ on my skin. I rarely wear makeup, I don’t care for lotion. Drool and dog licking is about the nastiest thing ever because it’s on my skin and it won’t come off. I also need the things I do to be enjoyable. I mean, what the crap is the point of doing something if you don’t enjoy doing it?
Yeah. Working out? It’s not fun at all, it makes me all sweaty sticky, it makes it hard to breathe and I really don’t like the metallic taste it gives me in my mouth. So I get to be bored, sore, tired, sticky, asthmatic and I get to feel like I’ve freaking been chewing on tin foil. Eugh!! ::sigh:: I hate it.

Netflix has instant dvd’s for working out and I have the Wii fit. The dvd I tried last Saturday wasn’t fun at all, but it did do a good job of making my midsection all sore. It was boring though, so I added some ‘dance party’ type ones to the player to see if those would be more fun. OMG, I think I’m going to be forced to admit that all the rhythm I have is in my head. I could NOT get my feet working in time. It was 30 minutes of me tripping over myself and by the end of it I was just so humiliated I wanted to cry. I just felt so awkward and dumb. My arms were easy to get working, but my feet.. oh hell no. They just decided to go whichever way they pleased, often in two different directions. I nearly threw myself out the window and DID fall down several times. I’m so glad I wasn’t in a class full of other people or it would have been worse than a freaking high school dance.

::grump:: Back to the boring dvd’s I guess.