Well.. I have dirty dishes sitting in my tub, but I also have new drawings floating about in my head.. Damn. ::sigh:: I went to ‘On the Border’ Mexican restaurant last night with a group of friends. While I was there, I saw the bartender. She was just barley overweight, but she had a really beautiful face, especially when she smiled. Her eyes squish up in her face when she grins, and she had a really great smile too. Her face was round but not fat, and her hair was short, but complemented her well. I had to draw her. I borrowed a pen and drew three quick sketches of her face. I think she knew I was staring at her, but I couldn’t help it. I almost asked if I could take her picture, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further. I practically stammered at her to get the pen and paper. There was also a really cute girl to the left of me whom I’d never seen named Sydney, but I didn’t get to draw her because I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself. She had this really adorable perky upturned nose, a pair of very Greco-roman eyes, and shiny, wavy hair that reached just past her breasts. She too was overweight. I think that’s what I liked though.. it lends a certain fullness and life to the face, especially when the girl is grinning. The girl that I was sitting next to though wasn’t very pretty, on the inside. She kept saying how she hated the cute bartender (she’d just met her that day and couldn’t remember her name) because she was pretty and also lived with an uber-cute guy roommate. ::scoff:: She hated her because she could spend time with said guy (who is gay), and she has a boyfriend who was sitting at the same table. That just shocked me. I’ll bet she’s the type of girl that thinks if she’s near a gay guy, she could change him. Yuck. She also wasn’t all that nice to look at either. Her chin and nose were rather pointy, her eyes a bit too beady in her head, as if she’s just plotting on how to take your man away from you. That just reinforces my belief that if you aren’t nice inside, your outside changes to match.

On other topics, Larry is coming to visit me tomorrow, to help fix all of my major frustrations with the computer. He says he can get the scanner, tablet, web cam, and wine working without too much of a fuss. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it. Both having a working computer and getting to see him again. I think it will prove to be a really fun day geeking out over computer shit. This does mean however, that I must do dishes tonight. I gabbed with him on the phone last night for a long time.. about 1.5 hours, I think. Not really sure. I was giggling over too much to keep track of time. He said he felt reassured that we have more to talk about than Linux. I did too, really.