John: Sometimes, you fart at night and just blow the covers right off. The cat looks at me like I’d killed her babies.
Heather: That’s so not true! You need to be called the King of Bullshit.
John: Oh no, my brother and dad would win that title easily. Maybe a Prince of Bullshit. That still may be too high. Duke? Knight? Barron!
Heather: LOL. Would you be the Barron of Bullshittingham or the Barron of Bullshittery?
John: I think Bullshittery, but Knight of Bullshittery sounds better.
Heather: What, would that make me the Duchess Of Bullshittingham?
John: Oh no no, I think at best you’d be like a Peasant of Bullshittingham. No, a Serf.
Heather: ROFL. The Vassal?
John: Maybe even the Cow or the Chicken.