So, a little under 3 weeks since the Stump went in to the vet to get her face operated on, and I realized that I hadn’t noted how she’s doing. She lost 6 teeth at the vet’s office. The first few hours she was home, she stumbled around like a drunk kitty. The vet warned us not to give her a lot of food, but she totally scarfed everything we gave her. Late that night, she began to slow down a lot due to the pain, so we made sure she got her dose of painkiller. She remained lethargic through the rest of the day and threw up about 1/2 of what she ate (not all that uncommon for her, sadly). She refused to touch her normal food and only ate smaller food she didn’t have to chew. At this point in time, we ran out of cat food she would eat and we got a little bag of ‘sensitive stomach’ food, because she throws up a lot anyway. We gave her the pain meds that night too, when she began to perk up a bit.
The second day she was still lethargic and not eating. The vet called as a checkup and asked about her. I described her lethargic behavior and lack of eating and the vet said the pain meds could make then sick, and to stop giving it to her. She was great and eating the next day, in fact eating so much of the new food that she gave herself the runs. Ooops. That took about a week to clear up.
Since then, she has been running around like a kitten, playing with us, playing with her toys, eating like normal and the biggest change of all, she hasn’t thrown up at ALL in at least a week. This is HUGE at our house since for the past year or two at least she’s been throwing up at least once a week, sometimes twice a day. We go through a lot of carpet cleaner here. Or, we did. Right now, she’s snorking at the end of the couch after bouncing around all day. You can just tell she feels tons better. Yay!