I’m the ‘head’ (rofl, since there are only two of us in the whole company) of Stylized Portraiture’s web presence. I do all of our web design and web marketing. Anyway, part of my challenge in web design is all of our different brands. We do portraits, fairytales, senior portraits, weddings, babies, families.. etc. In order to have something Google could ‘see’ for SEO, I needed a splash page because our other pages are flash, but it was getting way too cluttered and full of crap people didn’t read. Just too overwhelming. In short, it was not making it easy for people to book us, which was very bad. Our web inquiries were way down and fewer people were calling. So, over the past few weeks, I set out to make it better.
I threw out our splash page and moved our blog to our main page so that Google can have new stuff to find. Then, I had to break our blog theme to add in some dimming mouseover buttons to link to our flash pages, then put in new contact form right up top and redirected the blog to the new main page. Oh and? All you computer gurus out there will be impressed that I did it all without breaking my archive links or my RSS! Yeah, I rock.
Anyway, Frankie was dubious as to how this would help, but we’ve had three times the amount of inquiries this WEEK then we had all last month. I’m so thrilled. Even more awesome, when I called Frankie to brag about it, she was like “Oh yeah, I’ve noticed it too!!”. Yay for being right, and yay for being acknowledged.