Pretty much everything but the four-oh-clocks have bloomed. I’m having a hard time with the 4:00’s because they seem to like to break and fall. They got tall fast and I have a hard time keeping them un-damaged when it rains.


Salvias are happy and so are the bee balms. I have seen several hummingbirds in all of the flowers, so they have done their job!

On Monday (the 21st), I changed the ‘all meats’ (seed insides only) bird food to black oil sunflower seed. We bought some Squirrel Away hot pepper stuff to add to the seeds. This works because birds don’t have taste buds on their tongues like mammals to. So far, the squirrels have been unaffected:


But the birds have been by in FORCE.


Titmouse (and babies unpictured)


Cardinals (and unpictured babies)


Carolina Wrens


And of course.. my hummingbirds! I did also see one Chickadee, but he ran too fast for me to get a photo of.

The Stump has been in raptures. I can tell when something is out there because her ears get all flat: