List of things that have not gone the way they should so far:

1. Shampoo came open and leaked all over the inside of my bag.
2. Ate hot dogs and got sick.
3. Park is 5 hours away, leaving on Sat. morning.
4. I already have 17 bug bites, and we aren’t even in the woods yet!
5. Keep forgetting to wash the strawberries every time we stop.
6. Trails are gone.
7. Cop gets us for no license plate in the front (here you have two).
8. Jess isn’t coming, so Amanda reserved 2 lots when we could have just gotten one in the park we wanted in the first place.

And the list of things that have gone as planned or very well:

1. Drove up safe to Middletown
2. Got to see parts of the trails, if not all.
3. Got the tablet for my b-day.
4. Still going camping.
5. Got to hang out with Amanda.
6. Got to visit with 5 kitties.
7. Got to be girly over makeup for my birthday.
8. Got to see Lake Michigan and some seagulls.
9. Pictures Galore!