Well, we made it to WI just fine. We’re here and safe, but things are not going according to plan. Jess may be not coming, which means that Amanda may have paid for a camp lot we’re not going to use. Which is annoying to say the least. Everything else is a dream though. 🙂 Right now I’m sitting in Amanda’s mother’s house with five cats in the room with me, three of which are brushing around my feet. I’ll take pictures later though. So Wednesday we left and drove to Ohio, got there at about 8pm or so, talked with my aunt for a bit, then crashed. Got up and went to go look at my trails. Sadly, they are gone. Grown over. John and I were fighting around through the back woods for over an hour not seeing much of the trails I used to play on. There are a few recognizable things back there still, but most of it’s grown up.. Like me, I guess. Everything feels so small, but I guess things are much bigger when the person is much shorter.. I WAS a great deal shorter when I was last there. So anyway, that made me a bit sad that there are no kids to play back there anymore, but I’m sure some will find those places again sometime and have as much fun as I did. I took a few pictures of the recognizable stuff. We left then to make the drive from Ohio to Milwaukee. Got here at about 8pm central time, ate Chinese food (oh, and it was tasty…) then came over to Amanda’s mother’s place to sleep. I got my birthday present (Mary Kay!) so I sat up for a bit longer playing with makeup before I went to bed. I was so out of it though. ::smile:: I love kitties. Whee… Happy Birthday to me!