11319At work today, one of my kids runs up to me and says “Miss Hedder, a cadderpiwwar!” Normally, this is uneventful. I stroll over, pick up the caterpillar and fling it far away enough not to get squashed by overzealous two year olds. This time of year we’re thick with them, they’re literally jumping out of the trees (they’re Orange Striped Oakworms, which pupate underground overwinter). The kids usually smash at least three or four a day that I just don’t get to in time. Anyway, I stroll over expecting to find a longish black thing and instead find a HUGE green thing. I mean, this caterpillar was 4 inches long and an inch fat. It was the biggest caterpillar I have ever seen in my life. I picked it up on a twig because I wasn’t sure if it was poisonous or not, then showed it to some of the other kids before taking it away to a safer spot. I had my camera with me, so I got a picture of it so I could find out what kind of moth it would be. I know butterfly caterpillars don’t look like that, so I thought it might be a Luna Moth, but it turns out that it’s a Polyphemus Moth. It was neat to look at!