Yesterday was my whole big birthday shindig at my mother’s place. I had a lot of fun, really. I got that Waco tablet I really wanted which is cool, but I’ll have two days to get it working before I go, and if I get it working, I probably won’t be able to use it much before the trip anyway. I’ll need Larry’s help to get it working, and tonight will probably not be the best night to do it because I hurt him this morning. I feel really bad about that too. I was talking to him about the trip, and he asked me if I were going to hit Ohio (where I grew up) on the way there. I said “you bet your ass!”, having already planned to take a day before we go to WI to wander around on the trails I grew up on when I was there. Not remembering that this would make him sad, I just blurted it out, happy as could be. I AM really happy about it though. I’ll get to see the places where I grew up for the first time in over 9 years. I’m staying with an aunt of mine whom I haven’t seen in 9 years, then wandering around for the day in Ohio before going to Milwaukee. Tonight I’ll probably get a picture of a map somewhere and draw up our route for everyone, since I won’t be posting much while I’m gone. I doubt my aunt has internet access, so I may have to wait until we get to Amanda’s place. I’m sure to snap lots of photos, so I’m bringing along my spare smartcard. ::sigh:: So, yeah, I’m really excited about the trip and happy about getting the tablet, but feeling a bit down today because I didn’t think before I replied to Larry.