I had this whacked-out dream last night: Megan and I are wandering around in an aquarium (like the Tennessee Aquarium, where you walk around and look at fish), but somehow we ended up actually IN the water, not just walking around outside. Megan was cooking a burrito (yeah, IN the water with a microwave), so she wasn’t watching much. She turned to get the food of the nuker, and I saw a jellyfish coming her way I told her to move, but she didn’t get out of the way fast enough. It attached itself to her toe in a kind-of slow motion deal where the view zooms in on the action. All I saw for that bit was Megan’s foot and that jellyfish. So it zaps her (flashes blue light and I hear the ‘bzzzt’ sound like a cartoon), and she yells “Ow!”. I sit her down (somehow we’re back at home, but it’s not home…) and call the police (police? I have no idea.). They tell us the stay very clam, and they’ll send out the bomb squad. “Bomb Squad!?” I yell into the hotdog (uh.. right.. yeah, the phone had gone from phone to hotdog.) “What??” The person on the other line informs me that it’s a rare Explosive Jellyfish. That’s right when I woke up.