I updated almost every photo album in my Gallery. There are more of me up, some more random photos, and lots of nature photos up. The only thing that didn’t get updated was the birds album, but that will get updated in a while as soon as I get photos of my newest addition. She’s a crippled parakeet, green and yellow little girl. Also, today I go to Peachtree City to have fun with my Mom and Meggie and John and find out what this whole big deal going on with my birthday is. I’m getting really excited wondering what it could be that would involve so much planning and people. I half wonder if it’s not something huge like a new car (yeah right).
Yesterday at work was SO crappy. I was supposed to leave at about one, but things got so crazy that I didn’t get out of here until 5:30. First this guy named Colin (who was actually a really nice guy, and quite cool) came in with a huge TV to ship. It was going to be too big to ship, so we thought about going freight, but that was going to be $700 or so. He also had a set of speakers and a subwoofer that had to go too (he was moving). Brian packed the speakers together, but they were too big, so he had to take them apart and repack them both separately. The only perk of the day was that Colin was so cool If he’d been a total bastard, it would have been hell.