This is a two minute self portrait I did at work today. I did it for the GNC woman who owns the store four doors down from here. I drew it lightly in ink first, then went over it in permanent marker. I liked it enough to upload it here, which surprised me to all hell. Looks somewhat like me. Not too bad, I think. Not quite my lips, and they eyes are a bit wide for mine, but the rest is pretty true to life. My hair looked like that today.

Last night, I dreamed that I was flying in a forest with my cats, and I came to a house with about 400 birds in it. I was looking at a tree full of cockatiels (the kind One, Two, and Quinn are) when the woman of the house walks out, hands me a paper bag and says “ya here to claim ‘em? here, take ‘em away!”. I’m like “but I don’t wan-” .. “No buts! You’re taken ‘em. Now.”, she interrupts. So I put the 18 cockatiels in the bag and turn to get the kitties, but both are gone. So I’m flying around looking for them when I wake up.