I seem to be in the middle of some sort of present conspiracy for my birthday. I called mom a few days ago, and she says “mail me your wishlist, okay?”. I mail her the list, and she says “have john call me, okay?” John calls her, and she says “come down on the 28th, okay? bring john with you too.” This surprises me, because I kinda figured she’s just want me to come by myself. I call John to inform him that he’s supposed to come too, and he says “yeah, It doesn’t surprise me.” I was like “What?? I’d figured it to be a family thing. Why are you not surprised?” He stammers “uh.. because I have inside information?” Rrrriiiight.. So I call meggie to tell her about the party/whatever on the 28th, and she’s going to try to get off of work. I was talking to her and she gets all excited, telling me I’ll love her present. I ask her if she wanted to get together before the 28th, and she says “Hell no! I’m in on this with john and mom! it sucks that I might not be able to get there on the 28th to give it to you.” This is made even more annoying because I don’t know who else is involved, and John gives clues like “it’s bigger than a baby’s arm.”. I can usually figure out my present before I’m actually supposed to know. I’m guessing it could be a nice drawing tablet, with so many people involved.