Larken and I went bowling today. She and Munchie have been sick all week, so she decided to get out of the house for some fun and asked me to come along. It was awesome! I put on the ugly shoes and threw the ball down the lane a few times. I got one strike, my first try. The rest of the balls didn’t knock over more than 7 pins. I have a habit of throwing it too far left. Larken actually won the game. I would have lost spectacularly if it hadn’t been for muchie. Unfortunately, bowling is hard when you’re four.
My car doesn’t work. I got in it on thursday morning to drive to work, and it made this awful sneezy sound and didn’t turn on. John and Stumpy have been out there for hours putting in new spark plugs for me, but to no avail. I called Jared (my brother the mechanic), and he thinks it may be the starter. If it isn’t, I have NO clue what to do about it. John keeps joking around that we should get a scooter for me. Larken and I were laughing about it earlier today. She says once it gets to be winter and I have to put on my skarf to get to work, I could have the thing flapping out behind me. I’m sure it would look quite silly. The cons to the scooter would be: 2 wheels (easy to tip over), no enclosure (freezing in winter, wet in the rain), not above 30MPH, useful for short ditances only. The pros would be: cheaper ($1500 new), good gas milage (80 – 100 miles a gallon), better for the environment. Not to mention that the vespa-retro styled ones just look awesome! I would totally buy one in baby blue and white. I’m not too keen on the freezing and wet thing though.