9 years ago, I was driving to work (a pet store) when I heard the news on the radio. I was just arriving to work as the first tower collapsed. I was heartbroken for all those people in the towers and the planes. I called John in tears to tell him about the news, he watched at home the rest of the day.  A few of the pet store employees refused to come into work (as if terrorists would attack a tiny pet store in Georgia, right), but since no one was coming in, we all just sat around, listening to the radio. We all heard the second tower collapse, and at noon we were told to go home. I watched the rest of it on TV the rest of the day.
I’ve always heard that there’s something every generation remembers and remembers with such clarity that they will always know what they were doing at the moment they heard about it. It’s true, I can still picture the exact space of road I was driving when that news crackled over the radio. Let us not forget the firefighters and responders who came heedless of their own safety to the rescue of others.