11339While out wandering about today, I spotted this caterpillar on the ground. I’d never seen one like this before, so I bent down to check it out. I almost picked it up with my fingers, but then I remembered that some caterpillars can be quite poisonous, especially spiny ones like this one. I scooped it up on a leaf, then set it on top of John’s truck and went inside to pick up my camera. I got a few shots of it, then came back in to find out what the hell it was. Turns out, it’s the aptly named Saddleback Caterpillar, which is stunningly venomous. To some people, getting stung by one of these things feels like getting stung by a wasp or bee. I’s SO glad i resisted the uge to pick this thing up. There’s a better photo of the top here.