Heather: Uhg, I should NOT have had that pizza. It’s not happy in my belly at all.
John: I’m sorry. 🙁
Heather: I mean, ick. Look at this. I have water retention and bloating. I could be having a baby.
John: A gas baby.
Heather: (LOL) Yeah, we could name it ‘Poot”.
John: Uh, no…
Heather: If gas baby is a boy, we could name him ‘Farticus’.
John: What? No!
Heather: Well, you like Maximilian, Farticus is in that same era.
John: Omg, it’s so not the same thing.
Heather: ‘Tootles’!
John: No.
Heather: ‘Vaporia’?
John: No! And ‘Cloud’ is right out.
Heather: How about ‘Oh dear god, what is that smell?’ or maybe ‘The bog of eternal stench’?
John: …
Heather: ‘Bag of holding’? ‘Ring of fire’! Oh, maybe ‘Two ice cream cones’!
John: (leaves)…
Heather: I’ve got it!! ‘Count Flatula!’