How he did it and what we have planned.

We were at a Christmas party with a lot of our friends. It was a gift exchange party, so we brought our gift to exchange and gave them out. I noticed that we’d gotten down to zero gifts under the tree and most people int he room had about 6 gifts while I had two. As I was wondering if I’d been forgotten, John came into the room and named the four people that had helped him buy my rather pricey gift, a painting I’d been mooning over for a year. As I was exclaiming over the painting (it really is beautiful), John says “Well, it’s really just a foil.” and I’m looking hard at the painting thinking “No.. I’m pretty sure it’s actually painted, not foiled…”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see this blur of movement as he swoops down on one knee and whips this little white box out of his pocket and I’m thinking “Oh, oh dear, this is really happening right now..” He says “Heather Ann Lickliter, will you marry me?” and my first thought was “Oh, THAT kind of foil…” The whole room screamed out loud, really.. all of our friends yelled. Then my memory gets a little foggy because I can usually only remember what I see.. and it’s foggy because I started crying. I hugged him and kissed him and said yes. I was shocked as hell. Apparently, he’d been planning it for two years. Got the ring custom made for me, asked my dad for his blessing in freaking July when we were in Ohio this year.

Plans for far.. we’re thinking fall 2012-ish. I know I want a venue with a garden. He knows he wants me to wear a veil so he can do the whole ‘lift and kiss’ thing. We know both of us think fondant tastes nasty. I know I want a nice looking but cheap-ish dress (i’d rather pay for good photography and a pretty venue). We know the guest list is going to be close to 200 (omg, whoah). The biggest thing we know is that it’s going to be a FREAKING HUGE PARTY. 😛

Dress style.. I know I’m going for something without a huge skirt, without an empire waist and without a huge train. I do want ruffles and pleats, but still elegant. It also has to be something that won’t fall apart or weigh me down for a night of dancing.

Since then, I’ve had a few moments of panic about how real it all is now. Crap, I actually have to work on planning this thing, it’s no longer a nebulous thing in the future, but a real thing that we have to save up and pay for, holy hell. I’ve also been suddenly second guessing myself, wondering if I’m good enough and if he really would want to spend the rest of his life with me. I keep looking at all of my little faults and wondering how he could possibly put up with them for so long.