Well, the Around the World party was great. I’d say it was the best party PsiU has seen in a long time. The house was packed! I’d say at least 100 different people showed up at one point or another. My stomach was a little upset and gassy, so I couldn’t sample anything neat to eat or drink. Saw David there, which was … odd. I didn’t see him at first, and had thought he didn’t come until I remembered he was running a table, so I looked around for him. He was running the Hungary table, and having a fun time doing so. I said hi, gave him a hug and talked with him until someone wanted some food from him. Someone whose name I cannot ever remember told me that Larry says hi, and he was sorry he couldn’t make it. I told him to tell Larry hi and that I’m also sorry he didn’t come. I knew he wouldn’t be there though (for which I feel really bad. He had to miss a damn good party because I was there.) I then wandered off the watch the fire show (they were caramelizing sugar and pouring it into red wine), then ran into Caleb. I finally have a name to put to the face of an online friend. I was so nervous though, I’m almost sure I made an idiot out of myself. We talked for a bit until I stupidly grabbed Aaron’s hand to retrieve a wooden paddle he was going to hit me with, the same hand with a lit cigarette in it. I yelped and drew back, but it still hurt a lot. I thought at first it was a splinter of the wood, but there were ashes on my hand, so.. Yeah. I put some ice on it and sat inside for a bit. Used David’s computer to check my e-mail, then sat and talked with him for a while. It was good to talk to him. He says he was really torn up after the breakup, but that he’s better now. I was glad for him, but I did feel odd still. I think it was seeing him again for the first time in a year or so, and hearing the wistful regret in his voice. I really felt awful all over again, but he told me “Crickie, it’s not your fault. You can’t be responsible for what other people put in their own heads.” After that, I had to go to the bathroom, then told John to begin his trek towards sobriety because I was getting really tired. Caleb had left while I was in the bathroom, so I missed saying goodbye to him. But.. it was a great party.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride was glowing and very roundly pregnant. I was able to get some really good shots of her and the bridesmaids in the dressing room getting ready and putting on makeup. I also got the cutest photos of her running out the door of the hotel in her wedding gown. It was so adorable. The wedding itself started late (but what wedding doesn’t) because the groom’s mother got lost and arrived 15 minutes late. The cake melted, but not before Brian and I got pictures of it. It was getting dark when the ceremony started, but the light was still pretty good. I stood up on a table to get pictures of the kiss and rings, Brian was down in the grass in front of them. They walked in, got some food, then we got a dance. This is the point that I started getting all mushy inside, thinking about what it’ll be like to dance with my daddy on my wedding day, what my dress might look like, where I might have it.. etc. I know I want my mom to make the cakes (I want several all over the place, not one huge one that has 7 tiers), and I know I’ll have Megan as the maid of honor. I also know that I will not wear mascara or heavy eye makeup because I will cry. Well, it was just me getting all girly and mushy over the idea of something that will not happen for a long time. Brian and I shot over 12 rolls of film there, had some cake, then left. It was 6 when I got the brides hotel room to take pictures, 8 when Brain and I got to the wedding site, 8:30 when the groom’s mother arrived, and about 12:15 when Brain and I left to go home.