Heather from work: We’re always happy to see our regular customers here. Especially Monica. She’s so cool, because she’s so damn nice. She’s always polite and happy to see us. Anyway, today Monica drove up in her minivan and got a box out of the passenger side. Being a shipping facility, we thought nothing of it, until she shows me what’s in the box. A baby robin! It was so cute, and I’m SO mad I don’t have my camera with me. It had fallen out of the nest, and her big Labrador had picked it up and slobbered all over it. It was covered in dried dog spit, but otherwise looking okay. Until it took a step. The poor thing’s right leg wasn’t working. He seemed not to have any use of it whatsoever, but his right wings was working just fine, so that mean the dog/fall hadn’t paralyzed his right side. Poor baby kept snapping at my hand, thinking it was food from mama. I told her it was illegal to keep wild birds if you’re not a rehab person, and that I didn’t know the nutritional needs of wild birds either. I found her the names of the local wildlife rehab people (UGA) and she took the cutie over to them. We’ll never know if it lived or not though. ::sigh:: Still mad I couldn’t get a picture.