We’re all moved into the new studio. It’s been pretty wonderful so far, but it’s been such a hurry that I haven’t really had time to catch my breath and enjoy it. We hung everything on the wall in a little under 6 hours on Wednesday the 26th, then spent Thursday discussing studio management practices and cleaning, then we had 55 families come through on Friday and yesterday for our first charity event of the new year. I am BEAT today, but we managed to raise $1400 for the American Heart Association in those two days, so that’s a bonus. Everyone who came in was very pleased with the new digs and several people requested information on other sessions.

Today it’s about 70F, so I’ve sitting on my couch working with all the windows and doors in the apartment open. The Stump doesn’t know what to do with herself, she keeps running from window to door and back again, sniffing everything.

Last night’s dream: I dreamed about one of my high school crushes. In my dream, he suddenly realized that I had a crush on him and kept calling to ask me if I remembered such and such events that he was involved in. When I didn’t remember all of them, he got very mopey, as if he was so important I should remember every little thing he ever did. I realized that in my dream (and probably still in real life) he was as much of a self-centered ass as he was then, so I took great pleasure in informing him that John already put a ring on it and that the crush should stop calling me.

Tomorrow is a killer day. I’ve got a session with a two-year-old, an ordering appointment and then another session with siblings at 5 years and 7 years old. The two’s session in the morning should be fun, mom loves her some Matilda Jane. I swear, if I had a daughter, I’d be in so much trouble for buying all the Matilda Jane stuff I could get ahold of. The ordering appointment may be rough though because English isn’t mom’s first language and I don’t know how much I will have to re-explain. The siblings will surely be rough because it’s indoors and they’re very active kids. Very active kids. In the middle of all of that somewhere I have to snag lunch. Plus, it’s a DITL day!