So, on a whim Christine and I dropped in at the local bridal store for a little bit of dress trying-on.  I picked up a few dresses to try on in the style of the one I just keep coming back to, and one I liked because of the red colored embroidery. Christine and I have a good time laughing in the dressing room. I got ahold of one that we managed to put on all wrong and had a good laugh over that, and a few others that i seriously couldn’t walk in at all.

This is the one I keep coming back to but have not tried on and then the one I tried on and LOVED:
Photos of me in the one I loved on, then ones similar to the one I keep coming back to and that did not look good at all. I’m wondering if the one I keep coming back to will be at all good on me or if it will also fit the same as the ones that don’t. I called back the bridal store to see if they could get the one I have no tried on (yippe, they can!) and laughed with them “It can’t really be the FIRST one you try on!” and she replied “You’d be surprised, a lot of brides come back to dress number one!”

I honestly think it’s going to come down to the one I like but have not tried yet or the red one, no matter how many others I try on. The red one made me FEEL great. It was snug without being too tight, easy to wear without being too casual, and showed off all of what I love about me and hid what I don’t love. The rest showed off what I do NOT love. I’m not such a huge huge fame of the red panel in the train, I’m wondering if it looks like ‘zomg, BLEEDING!!’….