‘As a result of the divorce, lickliters.com is no longer with us. Larry has been so kind as to rush the postnuked version of crickie.com out the door. I still not quite sure I like the way it looks, and I don’t plan on leaving it like this for long, but I’m not sure what the new design will be. Meggie says she never liked the brown site much, and she’d rather I leave it blue. This design, though, is not mine, therefore will not stay long if I can help it. Go check out the gallery (top) and the topics are fun too. I’m working on the FAQ, but I can’t think of things to answer, so submit your questions, please. While you’re at it, register your username and leave comments. You’ll notice that a lot of things are still not up, because I haven’t had time to make them. Lickliters.com went down rather unexpectedly. Grr…

I’ve just spent an hour printing up pages of Alphonse Mucha‘s work. I’ve loved this guy’s work for years, but never knew who it was. Well, now I have prints of a lot of his work, and will hang them all over my walls soon. ::sigh:: His women are so pretty, and so detailed… I really really love the transition from shaded and detailed faces to Nouveau style hair and hands. It works so well together. I’m so in awe of this guy, and I’m sure I’ll have inspired new drawings once I get the damn scanner working.

On another note, I have to send off my camera to get it fixed today. It’s really really.. odd not having it. I feel half naked without the thing. I’ve grown really attached to it in the year I’ve had it. I sent it next day air to New York to get repaired, and I hope to have it back by the trip.

On still another note, Meggie was thrown off of a horse the other day, landed on her hip and cracked it. It seems she’s had abnormal hip bones all her life as well, so she had to go to a bone specialist today to have it looked at. Not sure what’ll be happening with that, but I feel really bad for her. She’s never been thrown before, and loves horses. I just hope she doesn’t come to fear them after this. I’m already scared of horses.