9738As you all know, I’m hummingbird-crazy, because I love birds. Especially when they’re small and cute. Too bad they’re hell to take pictures of. They move so fast that they’re hard to focus on, making really sharp photos through a window impossible unless you have a really swanky camera. I managed to get a few decent ones yesterday and today, but nothing really stunning, and nothing so sharp you can see every feather. After seeing one in action at Atari’s party, I’ve decided that what I really need is a Canon 20D. Camera body with 17- 85mm lens and 2GB card with extra 300mm lens. This is so I can focus on the bird instead of the feeder, getting much sharper shots. Too bad it’s a $2500 setup that I want. I could get a car a little less-shitty than mine with that. Or help pay off school loans.. etc. Even if I had $2500 sitting around, I couldn’t justify spending that much on a camera when I have one that works pretty well for what I want already. So I pine… and sigh. 🙂 Anyway, go check out the hummingbird photos if you’re interested. And let me know if you’re into camera donations. 🙂