Oh, I loves her, I do. Our bed is her ‘spot’ sometimes in the morning. She sits in the bedroom and calls to me. It’s a little conversation. Her: “Meow..” Me: “I’m in here!” …. “Mew” “I’m in here!” … “MEow!” “You’re fine! Come in here!” …  “MROW” This is usually the point that I walk in there to make sure she’s okay. Sure enough, she sitting in the bed, smug smile on her face. I pet her, then come back to the couch for more work. “Mew…” “You’re fiiiiiine, I swear!” Eventually, I have to stop answering her or it goes on for hours. It’s like our little game of tag, only she never tags me.

Of course, I go in with the clickey box and she ignores me.