Well, I’m back from Alabama. I still have that swimmy ‘on the docks’ feeling you get when you spend time on the water, and I’m sunburned to all hell. I made the mistake of sitting outside to read on an overcast day, thinking that I wouldn’t get burned because the sun wasn’t out. I was out there for about an hour and a half, with my legs in the half sun. I turned beet red on my thighs and upper chest where the suit didn’t cover. ::sigh:: I’ve not slept well since Saturday, because I like to sleep on my stomach. Burnt thighs do not work with that. All told though, I had a good time reading and playing in the water. I don’t get to swim often enough.

On a less painful note, I was happy to read that Larry is doing seemingly better. I had re-read that particular entry 6 times before I could decide how I felt about it. On one hand, I’m very happy that he’s not as sad, and he’d decided it’s not his fault… On the other though, I’m not really sure I like the reasons he’s decided these things. I mean, I’m very happy he’s not going to continue to blame himself, and I’m even more happy that I didn’t help him with this. Not that I could have.. the way he got the this end just isn’t how I think… I guess. I’m very glad he’s decided not to hate himself now… It really never ever was his fault, and it tears me up inside to think of what kind of pain I’ve caused him over these past two years. I hope now, that this will be a turning point, and we can be the friends I’ve always hoped we could be. I’ve never had a friend who knows me better than I know myself.

Taking a different turn, my to do list for this month:

1. Get wishlist written and published.
2. Convert web page to PHP and get the Gallery working.
3. Finish Summer and Winter, then color.
4. Install win98 on the second drive partition for games and Photoshop.
5. Clean and do dishes at least twice.

That’s it for now, I guess.