Heather at work: Okay, so this girl just came into the store to mail things, and she’s my age, but starts asking me all kinds of questions about what I do, how long I’ve worked here. ect. It was really startign to get a bit off when I finally finished with her mail. This next one really got me though. She says “So, I’d really like to invite you to my church… Do you go to any specific church?” I was like “uh.. not really…” I mean, what do I say to that? She continues with “Yeah, we meet at the classic center, and it’s non-denominational and everything..” My reply? “That’ll be $13.12.” I just had to blog this because it made me say “what the hell?” when she left. As a side note, Cartoon Network played 10 episodes of Powerpuff girls instead of the normal cartoon cartoon friday lineup, and I’m pissed off. Grr… I even bought blank tapes to record the episodes! Tonight is fun with the grill over at John’s dad’s place. I have n o idea what we’re making, but it should prove to be another night of beer and his dad’s pseudo racist comments.
For those of you who wonder why my cat is named Morla, this is why. Because she reminds me so much of Morla, the turtle from The Neverending Story, who you see pictured on the right. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, the turtle sneezes throughout her entire dialouge because she’s allergic to the hero of the movie, who’s tryign to talk to her. They are very wet sneezes, and she t ends to blink heavily right before and after doing so. My kitty has the soul (or at least allergies) of this turtle, and does the same things. My cat is a pissed off, blinking, sneezing turtle… Yup.