Ive been granted permission to shoot some princess sessions in a local peach orchard. I couldn’t be happier! Last night was my first one, for a little girl who I’ve been doing her pictures for five years now. I just love her to pieces, so when she asked to shoot some of me, I put on my least expensive lens and let her have at it. This is one of me she shot last night in the peach orchards. The others were all of her own foot. 😛 I like it, mostly. I can’t wait until this stupid perm grows out and I can get my hair redyed. It’s already seriously crunchy though. 🙁

Hummingbird season has officially begun. It’s a waiting game. now. They’ve been spotted in my area, but I’ve yet to see one at my feeder. I have never seen one here before April, so I probably have two-three more weeks before seeing one.