Last week, something happened in Athens that really.. this city has never experienced the likes of before. A guy carjacked some poor guy and stuffed him into his own trunk. He escaped and called the police, who confronted the carjacker. One police offer was shot and a second was killed, both before getting out of their police cars. The resulting manhunt for the shooter took four days with hundreds of police in the city and in the woods, then culminated in a standoff with eight hostages before he finally surrendered on live TV. The whole city was gripped. Not with fear, really.. but with support and respect and genuine worry for the officers’ families and other potential victims of this guy.

Over the weekend, the funeral for the officer killed was held. They put his casket in a horsedrawn funeral carriage and pulled it from downtown to the cemetery. People lined the streets from beginning to end, and they closed the biggest road in the city to get the procession there. I wanted to go, but I’ll have to be content with sniffling over the photos taken. I am proud of my fellow citizens’ turnout and support, and these photos really show how it was that day. It didn’t rain that day, but it was horribly overcast, and the skies opened up today and it’ll be rainy and cold all week… as if the weather itself is with the whole city in mourning.

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