So.. you know our lovely studio? The 2500sqft mansion that we moved into in January? You know… the one that makes everything look like magic?
… The one that was supposed to have been taken off the market when we signed the lease?
…. The one that wasn’t taken off the market.. The one that has a buyer very interested in it.
Yeah, we might be moving again. Stupid landlord never took it off the market and now it’s in the process of being bought out from under us.
We looked at a very promising place today with lower rent than we are paying now.. but DAMMIT. Landlord LIED to us and we are PISSED the hell off.

We only have a 6 month lease which we were going to renew for 5 years, but we’re so done with this guy.. we don’t even want to renew because he’s been being such a dick. First it was that he didn’t want to pay for us to paint the place. It looked like hell and we had to either paint it or edit out random cracks and dings and mold in every photo, so we paid $1200 to paint it. Then the mailbox post rotted through and he wouldn’t pay for that either! He seriously argued about paying for a $35 mailbox post! On top of that, he keeps asking if we’ve found a renter for the upstairs of where we are now. Uh-huh.. like it our job.

And honestly, if this sale falls through, there will be another eventually and we’d have to move again anyway eventually. So.. yeah. The new place we’re looking at is 1700sqft laid out much better for us and more usable, with more modern utilities so we wouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for heating and water..  Plus, the guy has no plans to ever sell, so we wouldn’t be forced out, AND it’s in a super duper centralized location with much more foot traffic. The downside is that it has a little less space and it’s not 1/2 as pretty outside. 🙁 I’d have to put in some serious work getting the outside pretty-fied, which we’d be allowed to do. I’d rather we have to move now before we’re really super committed to the place we’re in now. Like, if I landscaped and all and then we got booted, I’d be even more pissed.

The buy hasn’t gone through yet, but we don’t know how much time we have there. Like, we don’t want to give this guy any more of our money, he’s been such a butthead. So, we may have time enough to finish our lease, but do we want to? If we left now, we might just save money. The new place we’re looking at is asking $2200/month which is $300 less per month than we are paying now and the lady said that ‘is negotiable’. We went and talked to her today and said we were looking to be in the $1800-$2000 range and she didn’t bat an eye, but the owner is on vacation right now so she has to ask him to be double sure. Soooo, it’d be a good move if we have to move, but grrrr! We weren’t supposed to have to move because he was supposed to take it off the market!

So.. today went:
1. Really really really pissed about the possibility of being sold out.
2. Pretty happy about the prospect of the possible new place.
3. Very excited about the place I looked at today for our wedding. (
4. Dreamhost called to tell me I won a Kindle for taking their survey in Feb, yay!