First of season hummingbird: Female Ruby Throated, 3:38pm, 4/11/11 – I’ve had some footprints on the feeder in the pollen for a while now, so I figured I had one around, but today I finally spotted her.

Friday, we had a visit from a pretty awesome girl named Shannon who brought us 300+ books for us to keep for ourselves. John cackled with glee over the boxes and boxes of new books to read. We took her out to diner as a thank you, then I coerced her into watching Tangled and How to Train your Dragon. I hope she comes more often to hang out, it was pretty rocking to watch movies with someone who loves them as much as I do.

Saturday and Sunday, John and I went down to his mom’s house. Her graduation gift to him was/is two good suits. We went to a store that specializes in custom fitted suits and got him fitted for two. One is a herringbone grey, the other is a navy classic pinstripe. I think he looks pretty damn hot in both, but I like the grey best. While there, we were given quite the mens’ workwear education by a guy named Mitch. What shirts to wear with what suits in what situation, what ties to wear in what situation, what messages the tie/shirt combo says.. etc. It was super awesome. I think I learned more about mens’ clothes in 45 minutes than I know about ladies’ clothing ever. I need a Mitch for MY closet!