::grin:: I just caught One making kissy noises to himself, so that pretty much clinches he’s a boy. I’m just tickled pink that he’s starting so early (seven weeks as opposed to 15 weeks). He’ll be an excelent talker. I also think I’ve found a home for both of them. There’s a 55 year old man who lives about 30 minutes from here that wants to take them. He already has birds, so he knows what he’s doing.

Taj (as in.. Mahol?) has become the terror of my apartment. His newest game is to sneak up on poor Morla and chomp on her tail for her, then chase her wh en she runs away. I honestly think he enjoys tormenting her just so he can chase her. The only time she’ll play with him is if they’re playing ‘footsie’ with the door. She’ll get behind it and stick her paw through, whacking him on the nose. He returns the volley, but loses interest quickly. It’s been a little tough to take at times. She’s stopped sleeping with me because he bites her tail when she’s asleep, and instead is sleeping on top of the litterbox in the bathroom (where he can’t get to her because it’s right against the wall), and she slinks around h ere all the time, half afraid he’ll leap out of nowhere to tackle her. I’m hoping she’ll figure out that all he wants to do is play, but as of now, she’s the butt of all his bites, and it saddens me a bit to see it. Especially her not sleeping with me anymore. I really miss that.

I also got a letter from my Granddad this week. He kept on calling John “Jeffrey”, and I’m not too sure if it was on purpose, or if he really thinks his name is Jeffry. Either way, it was pretty damn funny to watch John read the part of the letter about him and go “Jeffrey? Jeffrey?“.. I laughed my butt off. I’m temped to tell my Granddad that Jeffrey is doing just fine, and says hi.