When I was little, my mom got me one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten in my life. I didn’t even ask for it, didn’t even know such things exsisted, but she saw one in a magazi ne and bought me one. What is it? My gift was a 55 foot Mylar Dragon Kite. The envy of all of my freinds, this majestic t hing floated on the slightest breeze as if borne of the wind itself. I was so careful with it, and it flew so high, twisting and turning on itself so beautifully. Eventually as the years w ent on, it became tattered and torn, and eventually could fly no more as i was forced to throw it out.

Then, when I was about 14 or 15, I got the greatest idea. I persuaded my brothe r Jared to give me the fiberglass tube his bike flag was attached to, then I found some old sheets that were large enough to make.. you guessed it.. a new kite that would last longer than the old one I loved so much. So I spent days plannning the perfect kite that would lift effortlessly into the wind, and when I was ready, I made my perfect thing. I cut the sheets so caref ully, glued them around the fiberglass frame and attached the tail with perfect stitches. When my creation was done, I waited ever so patiently until a day with perfect wind.. I carried my white dragon into the yard, and launched it into the breeze, expecting it to take flight out of my hand as soon as I let go. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Intead, the perfect dragon I had so carefully crafted took itself about two feet up, then crashed. I tried again, and again, it crashed.

I was devastated. It turns out (as my mother patiently told me, trying not to laugh) that sheets are too heavy and too lightly sewn (threads are too far apart to hold the wind) to make good kites. I needed soemthing like the mylar that my kite was before, or nylon which is light but sewn heavily. So last night, I was looking around online for neat things to add to my wishlist when I found 55 foot Nylon Dragon Kites. These are way too expensive for me, maybe I’ll get one of the 35 foot kites. Later though, because my graphics tablet comes first. I just wanted to share one of the best gifts I’ve ver had with you.