I have some sort of allergy that makes my SKIN itchy. No sneezing or nose or eye issues, just itchy skin. Augh. I actually got out of bed last night to check my head for lice, it was so bad. I have no bugs, but I’m just all-over itchy itchy!!

Found the wedding venue yesterday! OMG, it’s GORGEOUS. Little shaded garden on one side of the house, huge shaded garden on the other side. I get to walk down the grass aisle I wanted and still have the reception outside too!! It’s two hours from here, Hill Manor in Kennesaw. I WISH I had taken my camera. There’s not one photo I could find of the gorgeous gardens. http://www.hillmanor.com/ I walked out into the smaller garden where the ceremony will be and I was like “Oh. This is it.” I already called her back and told her it’s mine. I do need to talk to her about some sort of barter for photos, because she could really use something on her website that shows it off better. I emailed this place as an afterthought because from the photos on the website, I didn’t think we’d be able to use it at all.

John asked me to draw it up for him and plan out where to put things, so here’s the plan of the house and the grounds. Ceremony of the left, reception on the right. I’m super excited about this place.