Yesterday, John was supposed to drive down to pick up the new suits his mother got him, but his car (Jeep) wouldn’t start. Brilliant. We couldn’t even jump it off of my car, suck. He can’t take my car because I have a session and a birthday party to get to, so he calls his mom and lets her know that he can’t make it. He’s been having a few electrical issues like the power windows working one day and not the next then they work again later, so we figure that the battery had been drained, and he’s calling AAA this morning for it. EDIT: AAA jumped him off no problem, yay for one easy fix.

So, while driving to my session and the birthday party last night, my car (PT Cruiser) was doing some scary things. First it started off that when I’d put it into reverse, it wouldn’t do anything. No rolling backwards, nothing. I would press the gas and it’d rev, then jerk back as it finally got into gear. Then it was doing that revving while going forward after a stop, then after a while it was doing it while changing into every gear. Finally it got to the point that it wouldn’t change gears at all and we drove home at 40MPH in first gear.

Two non-working cars this morning. I don’t know what to make of his electrical issues, but Google is scaring the pants off of me with $2000 transmission issues common for the PT Cruiser. I don’t even know how we’re going to do that. Plus paying for the wedding, plus paying off school loans, plus he still has no job. ::sigh:: It’s just one thing after another.