So.. a few things..

1. Studio is sold. We have to be out by the end of May. Major suckage, but we did settle for a new place Bonus points? We don’t have to pay May rent in either place. We’ve been spending all this week painting and working on getting things ready. Since we have some time, we’re working out all the nitty gritty places to put things and store things so we don’t have to just throw it somewhere because we’re in a hurry. The painted rooms are SO FUN. We were not allowed to paint anything at the studio we’re at for two more weeks, so we’re going hog wild. Two rooms are teal, one is lime green, two are beige, three are bright white and the last is lime green.

2. After sleeping on a full bed for nearly eight years, John and I finally scored a queen bed for free thanks to Christine. We traded her the full for her basement guest room. We are so excited to have it. It came with a headboard and a footboard as well, which we have also never had as grownups. I always felt like it was a totally useless set of furniture to have, but I’m really loving the way it looks and feels. The Stump has CLAIMED it for the past two days in a row. She’s been calling from the bedroom for us to come and lay down in there with her.

3. Car transmission is indeed borked. $2200 to fix it with a three year warranty, so that’s what we’re doing. Ick.