11423 The kittens are gone! Gone to a better place! Gone is the stench from our bathroom. Gone are the claws in the ankles and arms. Gone are the kitty food cans from the pantry. We is free! John and I woke up extra early today to pack up the food and kittens and drive them over to the shelter. They bit on the box the whole way there, so I let them out once to watch the fog as we drove.
I can’t tell you how nice it is to have the spare bathroom back. It’s also nice not to have to rush home on my lunch hour to feed the bottomless pits. I swear.. kittens only exist to look cute, put claws in you, and turn perfectly good food into really foul smelling shit.
We eventually came up with names for all four of them. I named the first two, John came up with the names for the last two. John’s names are better. 🙂

Trouble – First one found, 1/2 black, 1/2 white. Always getting into something.
Angel – 2nd found, has a white stripe up her nose. Likes to just sit and be pet.
Spats – 3rd found, has white feet and a white tip on his tail. Playful.
Chance – 4th found. One black spot on rear foot. Chance as in ‘Last Chance’. Last of the four to do anything. Last to be found, last to eat, last to poop.. etc.

If anyone is interested, they can be found at Classic City Cat Care and also on Petfinder.