Wedding planning update: dress bought and home, veil bought and done to be picked up soon, venue chosen and deposited, caterer mandatory with venue so also chosen, cake mandatory with venue so also chosen, 74 cranes folded, photographer chosen, rings chosen, DJ chosen, invites designed, photobooth chosen.

All with… 15 months to go. Yeah, I’m doing it now because I can have plenty of time to think about it and do it stress-free. I was just thinking about how glad I am that it’s not THIS October because I’d be busy freaking out. So far everything has been so EASY. Dress was the first one I put on and really was only down to two choices, veil was the only one that looked good with the dress so that was easy, venue was the second one we saw, easy. Invites designed by on her first concept, easy. DJ is client on barter, easy. SO easy!