Every few months or so, John helps teach a women’s self defense course at Itto Martial Arts. It’s centered on teaching women that a great physical strength isn’t necessary to do a good job defending yourself against an attacker. I know, because I’ve taken it myself. A person half my size can throw John across the room with these techniques. Anyway, one of the women taking the class this time around gave everyone a candle as a thank-you gift at the end of last session. John brought it home and gave it to me, knowing that I love candles that smell good. I just have to say, that this is the best smelling candle ever. I like strong candles, like black cherry. This scent is stunningly good. It made me want to take bites out of the candle itself! I set it in our dinette/converted computer area, and in a few minutes it had filled to room with an undercurrent of that smell. It wasn’t even lit! It came with a little card attached, with a website. It turns out that the lady is part of a candle-making family that’s been doing these things for over 20 years. Just Wick Candles, 706.549.8223. I think all of the candles are the same scent, which is a bit of a shame. They’re very pretty though, and smell even better when lit. Go buy one for yourself, the smell is heavenly.