So, Pre-K employment has finally caught up with me.
Saturday – Somewhat sore throat in me morning, fever of 101 by 8pm.
Sunday – Very sore throat, fever down to 99
Monday – Called in sick, went to Health Dept. They say Strep, but tell me they can’t treat it. They say I should be fine.
Tuesday – Go to work. Cough all day, but no fever. Very tired. Feel like I have a nasty hunk of snot caught in my throat.
Wednesday – Go to work. Hunk of whatever is driving me close to insanity. Still coughing up my lungs. Director shoves me out the door at 4pm and tells me not to come back until I’ve seen a doctor.
Today – Go see doctor. He says “Sinusitis”. Get antibiotics and cough meds. Hunk of evil still there. Contemplating swallowing a brillo-pad.

On the up-side, the doc said I can’t go back to work until Monday, so I have the next three-four days to get rid of this shit. AND… my camera arrives tomorrow. 🙂